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[Pinky and The Brain]
- What are we going to do tonight, Brain?
- The same as every night, Pinky... We'll try to take over the world!

Ha magyarul akarod olvasni, akkor ezt nyomd meg.

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Hello! This is my homepage. If you already guessed, good for you. If you didn't, you're an idiot, at least.

You can find lots of boring, uninteresting, scary, annoying, mad and secret informations on these pages about the entity called grin. As always, I disclaim all responsibility for those suffering mental or other breakdown reading these pages.

As every other pages, this page is under construction. But unlike other pages, this will never be finished. Since this page is hardly ever maintaned due lack of time, interest, courage, food, drink, girls and sleep, you can experience all sorts of dicrepancies, time-space warping, weird noises, chilly touches on your butt and missing links. Don't bother to tell me, I'm very aware of them. But I don't give a flying singing fuck.

As you already noticed, there is a Hungarian tree of my pages. That's because I am Hungarian. More biographical data could be found... nowhere. It's none of your business. But I tell you that the Hungarian pages contain just completely different infromations than this one. If you don't understand them both, you lose lots of infos. But you don't really care, do you?

But, well, there are lots of Hungarian texts online while a very few english ones, actually. (Except this bullshit.) You will find Hungarian links on the Hungarian pages. You will find English links on the.... now, guess where. Go, go, just guess! Eh... I won't tell ya.

I occasionally write. Usually "Don't Disturb" and "Away" signs, and iRC chat. But there's some of the other kind, that you can find here, but remember, most of my text is in Hungarian, so you won't see much content.

But, if you're bored of me, you can still check the old Fidonet files from my archieve.

You can write email to me using "grin at" address, or could try to call (or send SMS to) my mobile at +36 20 9215-698, though I have the good habit to send unsolicited callers to where the sun doesn't shine. Mail bombs should be send to

Gervai "grin" Peter
Rakoczi u 70
7100 Szekszard
since this is not my personal address so it gets sorted before gets to me. ;-> (This is a postal only address, don't bother trying to find me there.)

Ban Dihydrogen-monoxyde!!

Version: 3.1
GCC/IT/TW/O d?(pu) s+++:--- a?(-) C++ UL++++ P+++ L++++@$ E- W+++(--)$
N+ o+ K? w--- O@(++) !M V-- PS+ PE Y++@ PGP++ t+ 5 X+ R@ !tv b+>+++ !DI
D++ G e++(*) h*(++) r--- y+(*)

These pages are hopefully readable under the useful web browsers like Lynx or Netscape. But avoid internet exploder like plague.

Just to have it, link to the törökbálint house for sale page.


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